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Just and FYI on my lack of updates.  Besides the elevation data from Mercury, which has yet to be released.  The projects I'd like to work on simply take too much computing power for my little computer to handle.  I'd like to rectify that soon, but until then I won't be add too many pictures.  Unless of course people request stuff my little computer can handle.
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I've always admired your planets, and seeing as I haven't been able to find any good representations of them on the web... Could you perhaps do renditions of the 12 Colonies of Kobol? (Caprica, Gemenon, etc.) If not all twelve, then perhaps just Kobol. I would greatly appreciate it if you do and would look forward to the result(s). If not, I thank you for taking the time to read this.

(Here are some links to help if you agree)

If the company that owns the copy write hired me I'd do it, but that's thousands of dollars of work there.
Oh sorry didnt realize what a commision was exactly. Thanks for clearing that up.
I didn't mean to be snippy.  Just a lot of work is all with very little info to go on too.  Most images I make are based on worlds with mapped topography.
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Your works, are insanely impressive. You have my compliments good sir.
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